Thursday, May 17, 2007

Monster Feet Toddler Slippers

Pattern: Monster Feet from the book Felting on the Go

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky (85% wool, 15% mohair), color M68 pine tree (flash photos below are much better approximations of the color); used about half of one skein (125 yards) for the larger slipper size

Needles: US size 13

Gauge: I made a swatch, but was too eager to start knitting the slippers to bother felting the swatch. I got a pre-felted gauge of 10 stitches and 13.5 rows = 4".

Notes:The construction is very clever, but there are no diagrams in the book so you have to simply knit on faith that it's going to turn into what you want. This is made more difficult by the fact that the pattern contains errata. Here are some process photos.

Heel: Start knitting at the top and decrease to the bottom. Switch to garter stitch to make a squishier heel. The bound off part at the bottom will later be sewn in half to make the back of the heel.

Foot: Pick up stitches along your original cast on and knit the foot. The sides will later be sewn to each other to make the top seam.

Toes: First, knit the two outer toes. Note that there are 1+4+1=6 stitches left over on stitch holders. The book claims there are 2+3+2=7 stitches. You will have to fudge it.

Third toe: Bring the leftover stitches into the center and knit the third toe.

Sewing up: It is not easy to do beautifully, but all that matters is that it be secure, since you will be felting.

Felt: It took 14 minutes in our top-loader with jeans. As it turns out, I should have stopped earlier. The slippers were a little too tight for our fast-growing nearly-3-year-old friend. He loved them anyway, viewing them as excellent slide-y toys. (And how cool to have socks with toes, just like Mum has!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for this!! I think I may have it now!!! I left a comment over at Ravelry, but your photos have made me 'see the light'! lol! THANKS SO MUCH!

Debbe in Canada