Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wearing of the Green

Should recent posts have raised any doubts about my girliness quotient, I hope these socks will put those doubts firmly to rest.

just-spring-petite-purlsI'm thrilled to have this pattern published in Petite Purls, an online magazine that features real clothes for real children, and has quickly become one of my favorites. The spring issue has a bunch of excellent patterns (and a couple of highly edible babies).

I will also have a pattern in the summer issue of Petite Purls. That one won't be a bit girly. Well, no backhoes, or anything really cool like that. Lace, in fact. Yet not girly. In three months, the conundrum will be resolved....

Special thanks go out to the models for my initial photo shoot, Adrienne and Bella, for making some darn cute pictures.

just-spring-socks-on-adrienne     just-spring-socks-on-bella

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