Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Buyer's Guide to the Greybrador

(for Charlie and Melissa)

Yes, boss!
Right away, boss...
You know,
I don’t think we’ve covered that one.

50 degrees out?
No thanks, I can hold –
Ooh, is that the ice breaking up?
Lake frisbee!

A rabbit!
I will chase it into the next county
and shake it until it is dead
and carry it softly back for you.

Where is all the food from the fridge?
I believe there might be a bit left
under that cushion.

I love everyone!
But most especially you, boss.

And your bed.
Yes, I do need that much of it.


charlie said...

so perfect, and necessary...thank you from the bottoms of our furry little hearts.

Melissa said...

that all sounds so familiar. . ..brings back warm fuzzies at my center