Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Adventures of Esmerelda - Part 3

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Chapter 3 – Ex Libris
Being the continuing adventures of Esmerelda Teacup, ace librarian.

Books, cataloging, proper – effects on domestic amity of * Entente * Words * A thorough-going success * Don't it always seem to go

Esmerelda's beloved's preferred method of “shelving” is to place the book of the moment atop the nearest stack of books.  This sort of historical and eidetic cataloging is simply the easiest way for B to find things.  And while Esme has to admit there is a certain charm to a world in which Jane Austen, Herodotus and Billy Collins curl up cozily together, she at least wants them to do so without hurting each other. 

Esme and B are very fond of each other, so, after intense and prolonged negotiations, they arrive at a compromise whereby B creates stacks no more than five books high, does not place them on any upholstered surface, and arranges the books in each stack roughly zigguratically. 

Nonetheless, after a couple of unfortunate Incidents (one of which led to Words), Esme has concluded that B cannot be entirely relied upon not to unwittingly bury her e-reader in one of the ziggurats.  Esme grimly reminds herself that she is very fond of B, and that she values homemade cranberry muffins.  Finally, she asks the time-honored question, WWEZD? and arrives at this solution.

Esme is pleased with her creation (she has an acknowledged weakness for duplicate stitch and I-cord) and, so far, B has managed to avoid stacking anything on the bright red upholstered surface, thus preserving domestic amity.  Esme is also glad to have a new bauble for the upcoming ALA convention.  Her Hypatia sweater and Bunny Watson vest are all very well for Rhinebeck, but a conclave of librarians demands something more novel. 

Ex Libris neatly rounds out her latest, and not nearly as overdue as her pettish publishers seem to think, knitting book manuscript.  After putting the finishing touches on the monogram charts, Esme hits the irrevocable Send (accompanied by the usual faintly horrified shiver as her brainchild sails off to seek its fortune), and promptly plunges into the dreaded pit of post-authorial ennui.  Books, cooking, even knitting, have all lost their charm.  And while other activities might retain some of their usual luster, B is out of town, and not expected back for a week. . .

But the luxury of boredom is doomed to be fleeting.  Unbeknownst to Esmerelda, while she was deep in the throes of editing there has come an apocalypse.  The world outside her door is falling into dark chaos, lit only by the tiny wavering flames held high by valiant librarians ministering to their flocks.

Will Esme be in time to rescue B?  Will there be a dirigible?  Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of the Adventures of Esmerelda.

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